Treating Spiritual Disorders

Gregory Sims


Gregory Sims. Ph.D.. Dr. Sims has for the past twenty five years been involved in seeking means through which to establish a more viable psychology within Medicine, Education and the field of Psychology itself. This has been quite difficult as medical, psychological and educational practitioners are reasonably comfortable with current approaches to treatment and education because the system works fairly well for practitioners. While some say managed care and the rise of voucher system proposals threaten the status quo, folks are just too comfortable to believe it. Dr. Sims has utilized Existential, Behavioral, Dynamic Humanistic and Physiological resources to fashion a workable spiritual perspective that offers a freedom in living within a degenerating social system. This can provide individuals, families and communities with relief from the grinding paralysis of societal and personal entropy. He is a psychologist, receiving his degrees from Stanford University(BA U. C. Berkeley). He has published a few things including his book on Treating Spiritual Disorders: Promoting Personal Recovery. He has also taught at several major universities including full time appointments at U.C. Berkeley, and Temple Universities. He was an Intern,  Post doc. and an Ass't in Instruction In Clinical Psychology at Yale University. He has also taught at Santa Clara University, University of Nevada, Reno, held a tenured position at The College of San Mateo, and for the past twelve years has been a member of the Voluntary Clinical Faculty in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Stanford University Medical Center, holding staff privileges at the Stanford Palo Alto Hospital. He was for three years a Visiting Scholar in Anthropology at Stanford. He is also one of the founding members of Division 48 (The Division of Peace Psychology) in the American Psychological Association. Finally, he has for many years been Clinical Director for the Unicorn Youth Services Program in Philo, California.

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