Treating Spiritual Disorders

The Ninth Approach - Recognizing My Own Specific Life Process.

Observe the etching entitled "Integration"



It is in and through the cleansing of the reactions, difficulties and prominent limitations that we are then able to look at experience and be a part of the life process. It is in the wholeness of our being that we are able to participate in this coming upon us as life rather than merely the presentation of the life process. Though it is true we witness these things, we live their fullness as well.

Rubric: Clearing precedes cleansing. It is possible to cleanse aspects of our beingness. This helps us to get by. It makes the day brighter and more lovely. The deeper, more permanent ongoing cleansing is the process which clears the way so that each of us, you and I, may recognize our own specific life process. We do this individually and together.


I have come upon myself as one identifying and valuing life experience. The identity by which I am known lives in a manner constructed by the course of events from long ago. Seeing this allows for my acceptance of this condition. Perhaps I may invite that person to live with me in harmony….lest the truth of who I am be stretched.

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