Treating Spiritual Disorders

The Seventh Approach - Moving About Within and Between Our
External and Internal Processes So As to Live a Continuum of Reality.

Observe the etching entitled "Becoming"



I have come upon the night in the midst of day and the day in the midst of night. I have not seen either night nor day that it should be other than separate, each from the other, yet unified in its oneness. A beacon provides me with the understanding that the many divisions of life which must be honored are not in any way separate each from the other. This comforts me.


In this contemplation, we move towards the commingling and eventual unification of external and internal reality. Turn back in your mind to the fourth approach "Learning that Reflective Integrative Interweaving (Refining) Occurs Within Internal and External Process". See that what you have learned provides a basis for your freedom to move about easily between the processes within you and those occurring around you.


Wonder about what it is you are finding. Wondering is comforting. There is no expectation that answers will be forthcoming. Should they be they will simply enlarge and deepen the wonderment of your becoming through the continuum of unifying reality.

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