Treating Spiritual Disorders

The Second Approach - Unifying Self and Spirit as Witnessing
With Favor. Spiritual Self as Selflessness.

Observe the etching entitled "Foundation"



As a person, there is that quality of my being which is beyond identity and the identification of experience. This is Self. Self is Spirit. Unification occurs in seeing this completeness as from our beginning, always becoming. Witnessing is the source of vision, this vision: Wherein such becomes witnessing with favor.

Witnessing is as from a presence. Contemplate presence.

Rubric: Stay within this contemplation for as long as you are inclined. Then, continuing on…..

See presence, which you have contemplated, as being within and surrounding that which is not. From presence, witness absence, absence of presence, absence in completeness, less than nothingness….no thing ness, indescribable Selflessness.

Rubric: After contemplating these matters, read the following aloud several times.

What it is I witness I do not know. I see the forms, the light, the shadow……and they play upon my mind and imagination as does all that I witness with favor. In creation there appears to be design, yet I see but dimly what it is. It comforts me to know I am part of it. In the many ways I have been lost, I am yet here presencing, witnessing in my unknowingness.

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