Treating Spiritual Disorders

Approach I - Contemplation

Contemplation as a Beginning

Observe the etching entitled "Creation"



As I was created from the void, and the mysteries of life surrounded my presence, I could not find a truth: but rather lived all that was true. It has come to me now in the brightness of these glimmerings and the light that has begun to shine upon me that I am a reflection of all that is, has been, and will, in my own way, reflect what will be. As part of what is, the tiniest to be sure, yet being, unquestionably, undeniably, I will contemplate these beginnings.


In this my beginning contemplation, one that will never leave me, I find us in stillness moving towards unification: Bringing me to oneness with others, the earth and heavens within which I live. When I am no more I will remain herein.


Contemplate the being of who you have become.

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