Treating Spiritual Disorders

The Fifteenth Approach - Living Ascendancy Through Love.

Observe the etching entitled "Mothering Presence"


Move from contemplation to deep reflectionů wonderment.

Love as we know it is creation. So too is its expression. Intimacy as with a lover or in loving life and others is the unfolding of the blossom within. It takes certain powers from us so that we are no longer able to believe our fulfillment may be derived through striving. As you bring the wonderment of love more deeply within your open heart, it will become manifest in your daily living.

From my mother was I given life and love, though I knew her not, as but the source of that which brought me to my presence and sustained me for a time. In all that I have learned and known I have never found anything more fundamentally true, beautiful or of greater significance than love.

Meditate while contemplating the words "Mothering Presence".

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