Treating Spiritual Disorders

The Thirteenth Approach - Feeling and Exploring Strands of Association That are Replete With Embedded Symbols Reflective of the Unknown.

Observe the etching entitled "Fullness"



Contextual strands of association provide strength and clarity which assist as we move beyond language and thought. As we move more deeply into the depths of our being we realize that this is the place called abyss by those not prepared for being here or uncomfortably seeing from afar. Here we find nourishment knowledge can not provide. The symbols we use for these contemplations come from where we now are in closeness to our source. When we are pulled to return to more familiar temporality….allow the tug to soften, then move with it.


In the fullness of all that we are, there is of course the unknowing of the empty branches of the tree-bearing unseen fruit. The nourishment is of another sort and creates a wisdom---perhaps even more than a wisdom, for that is part of it. It is the fullness of being. What we sense and discern in other ways is a robust strength, warmth, a knowingness and appreciation of the limitations lying in the outer reaches of our contemplations. The fullness of creation is our unity

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