Treating Spiritual Disorders

The Twelfth Approach - Growing Beyond Language and Thought.

Observe the etching entitled "Apart"

Come slowly to beingness without language and thought. Re-familiarize yourself with the rest of your humanity through contemplation and reflection.


How we live life has much to do with what is not said or thought and the various forms of communications employed in these transmissions.. Seeing this is helpful.


The absence of beingness within the context of living can be approached through the absence of language and thought. Reflection upon how absence enriches living by observing without thinking or speaking helps us to live in this manner

In my search for the ability to use words and thoughts as vehicles to taker me upon their wings to places I could not have gone, understandings I could never have known, I am yet not beholden to them. And as they bring me to the farthest and the nearest places of universal beingness, I will leave them behind, they still being within me.

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