Treating Spiritual Disorders

The Eleventh Approach - Becoming Aware of Contextual Strands
of Associations, Connections, Confluent Blends and Mosaics Which
Form Our Basic Fabric of Beingness.

Observe the etching entitled "Presentation"


Envisioning Exercise

When I am able to stay with the healthy integration that supports my well being, I have begun to experience the fruits of recovery. The strands of previous associations and contexts give way and their reactive nature does not block awareness of healthy blends and mosaics derived from fundamental beingness.

Become aware of the stability occurring within the context of this well organized, well orchestrated activity. Become aware of the room and sounds around you. Be aware of your posture and movements, the coordination of your activity…living the integration.


Simplicity is seeing through the multitude of design properties and qualities that come to me and create me. The truth of this is more than I can possibly understand. I see without knowing. I am aware that all of these properties and qualities are inexorably related. I have come to accept my exploration of these truths, that I may simply move beyond them.

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