Treating Spiritual Disorders

The Tenth Approach - Discovering Anew That Externally Defining Circumstances, Standards and Frames of Reference Can Be
Sources of Health and Integration.

Observe the etching entitled "Presentation"



On this journey we have begun to contemplate, witnessing Self and Spiritů.realizing our sources. We have learned of external and internal processes and through reflection, experienced life within the context of process. We have found our center in stasis, stillness and variability, and moved about within and between external and internal processes. Then we have cleared and cleansed our own environment so as to experience, for each of us, my own specific life process. Now we may come from within and rediscover external realities, this time as sources of health and integration.


Within the newness of this discovery we struggle with the loss of countenance. We are caught at times recreating the limitations that have necessitated the cleansing process which serves to offer a basis for transformation. It is in the detail of the observance of the particulars that we are able to perpetuate our renewal. These particulars come upon us as moments bring new life upon us. As we participate in their creation, they are more in harmony with who we are becoming.

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