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One may be drawn to activity through the force of personal motivation. During such times the discrete qualities of the environment fall into the background to a degree (depending upon the strength of the motivational force) and one's focus, desire, inclination, perhaps even compelling urgency moves to the fore. As a result, a psychological fusion occurs between the motivation and aspects of beingness which relate to or support it. If this motivated fusion flies in the face of other realities or combines with them it becomes confusion. When personal motivation is less urgent and more in keeping with other aspects of beingness it may simply direct a sequence of events. In this manner it provides support for healthy integrative continuity.


Words which I have known
to be upon my lips
or within my mind
as with the words of others
transparent in their thinking
or coming to my ears

play with thoughts or enhance them
commingle with them
and only at times
then quite imperfectly
express them.

Words coming to the fore
may hold us prisoners
of habits, perpetually renewed
creating treasonous reason
against the free spirit
of creation's love.

And the many thoughts
which also as an habit
lead us onward
into structures
or convolutions of oblivion
excise from us our natural unity.

Words and thoughts
fall comfortably upon
the trusting receptivity
of our nature.

They adorn our realities
and amplify our presence
they take us to spheres of unknowingness
and mystify us with their radiance.

They make possible
much of what life has come to be
as in the very means through which
we identify experience.

So let us create within ourselves
each one being present
a table as it were
to hold upon these moments
these blessings, as gifts for our use

lest we otherwise
unwittingly come
to worship them
as the golden calf
or other aberrations of being.

And lest in our unconsciousness
they attach themselves to chaos
and rule us as cruel or ignorant leaders
causing us to despair of life's
wondrous gifts.

And let the table
come from our nature
created as a foundation
upon which
they may lie

so we may see them
as offerings
and within the rest of
who we are,

understand that foundation
through those organic sensations
feelings and form
that constitute reality
perhaps truths
but lightly touched by them.

Then, as with delicate
morsels of food and drink
offered for our nourishment

we may partake of them
as reason and understanding
feelings and good health
tell us of how much,
where and when
words and thought
might come upon us.

The thoughtful opening of the heart
does not offend
neither does it take offense.


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